LIFE - Weekend Adventure


This is gonna be a heavy picture post so that's why I'm going to say what I'd like to say first! Firstly I didn't quite realise how much I look like hagrid from the back and the blonde in my hair isn't exactly even... awks... I'll be getting my hair done soon hopefully! Anyway, my best friend took us to Bristol for the day so I could take photos for my latest project - she's a wonderful human being. We then ate five guys and shopped and just had a lovely time! She then stayed the whole weekend while we worked and shopped in Cardiff (where I'm spending my first year of uni). 

Well done if you've made it to the end! Anyone have any recommendations for places to visit in the UK and cheapish holidays abroad??? Weird, off topic question I know but a girl can wish to go away for a summer break!

p.s Without sounding like I'm wanting attention, I don't know whether to carry on the blogging business. I'm awful at keeping up with things and due to being back at uni, I have real limited time (the last time I posted was 2 weeks ago). I mean I love doing it, rambling about my outfits and my day trips, but without again sounding like I'm craving attention, there's so many other people doing it. Idk whether any of that makes sense, or whether I'm just being silly and should keep it up as best as I can for a hobby??? Is anyone feeling the same/similar and could give tips?

Hope everyone okay with being back , I'm super happy about it being February as there's loads coming up!

C x

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