OUTFIT : Sassy Stripes


Denim Jacket - Charity Shop - similar 
Ribbed Long Sleeve - Primark - similar
Stripe Trousers - Topshop - similar 1 / 2 / 3
Old Skool Vans - Cloggs (15% Student Discount!)
Jewellery - Mix of Vintage / Vivienne Westwood


(My top model pose)

Say hello to my most recent depop purchase (I'm getting hella good at depop)- these absolutely full of sass trousers. I remember seeing them in Topshop on the 'last chance to buy' rail and immediately fell in love but at the price they were, I just couldn't seem to justify them. So thanks to a lovely seller, they're finally mine!

I wanted to keep the outfit quite casual as we were going shopping and we all know how stressful that can be. I added my trusty vans (which if you follow me on instagram '@chloxlla_' you'll have noticed they haven't left my feet) and my denim jacket which I've had years (£5 bargain may I add) which gave me that cool, laid back vibe I was going for.

Anyone else had some star buys from depop?

C x

LIFE: Just do it


Illustration by myself

This week I found out that I have been confirmed as a second year (transfer) student at Manchester Met to study Fashion Design and Technology: Menswear. Now it's all starting to feel real, I'm super excited to go and have a 'fresh' start on University life. Having done the whole first year / freshers experience, I've written 6 tips for all you new students out there!

Talk to everyone - every night out, every social event, every lecture, just talk to people. It's an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends!

Organise your money - as boring as it sounds, budgeting your money for each week means you won't go blowing it all in the first week. (Trust me I know people who have done this)  

Explore your new home - I don't just mean walking round your room and flat; explore the city that is going to be your new home for the next 3-4 years. When your friends and family visit you won't be short of places to take them!

Don't be 'that guy' - If you're coming home late or have left numerous plates in the sink, please remember that you live with other people (something some of my previous housemates seemed to forget). Just don't be an ass, common sense really?

Get a clothes horse - Not lucky enough to live at home during uni or close enough that your parents will your washing for you? Then afraid it's all down to you. It can get expensive, (due to student budget) sharing with flatmates splits the cost but also drying your clothes in your room saves you money on tumble-dryers. (TMI - short on underwear? Wash them in your bathroom sink provided you're in an ensuite!)

Kitchenware - Odds are you will not return home at the end of the year with everything you started with. It's okay and it's just a metaphor of your life.

There is obviously much more advice I could give, and I wish I'd known silly things before I'd started uni but you also have to experience things yourself (such an adult thing ah). University will be the worst times of your life but also the absolute best, so just get up and enjoy it! 

C x

OUTFIT : Modern Cruella


(this is my sass face)

Dress - Forever 21 (similar)
Kimono / Jacket - Topshop (similar)
Shoes - Kirsti Dr Martens
Glittery Socks - Topshop / Vivienne Westwood Necklace / Rings - mix of vintage

You know when you try and make a blog post, but html and blogger really aren't feeling it? That's exactly what it's been like today trying to type this up. Maybe I'm doing something wrong aye?

Anyways, here is my super cool outfit and to be honest, I felt really happy and for once I was actually fully confident in what  was wearing. I wore this into town the other week when I was meant to try find fabric but I just couldn't avoid a bit shopping too.

I saw this kimono / jacket thing when it was full price but couldn't justify the £40 price tag but luckily it went into the sale not long after. I tried it on along with a beautiful orange, off the shoulder dress (don't worry I'm just as shocked as you) and I was stood in front of the till handing over the money before I knew it! Although without the dress, but I did pick up some more glittery socks and tights... slight addiction. 

C x

LIFE : I have no style

(Artwork by myself)

Being one of those humans that just doesn't 100% know what their style is and just wears whatever they fancy that day, it soon becomes quite difficult when it comes to shopping. One day I'll like something and the next I'll probably hate it. It's a viscous, stressful cycle that I want rid of.

Some days I fancy wearing short denim skirts with crop tops, looking like I've just come from a Topshop photoshoot (nothing wrong with this), some days I want to wear vintage mom jeans covered in what looks like paint with oversized t-shirts, others I want to wear trousers with my new fave CDG top and cool trainers. I know some of you may be reading and thinking 'that's all part of the fun dressing up and not being limited' and a couple months ago I thought exactly the same. But recently it's just frustrating. I want to wake up in a morning and know how I want to dress and what suits my body etc. 

I think I know how I want to dress, I have this idea in my head, but then I'll look at items that don't fit that 'category' and my mind changes all over again; tumblr and pinterest I'm looking at you. I guess this is all a part of growing and being an 'adult' but being an adult sucks. So for the moment and for however long this continues for, I'm just going to have to deal with this.

I know this post is kind of out of the blue and not something I'd normally post, but I guess I just needed somewhere to address my current style issue. If anyone else feels the same or used to and now has found their style, or a way for me to except it, then please comment below!

C x

NEW IN : Pho London Giveaway


Base Range Sweat Top* - Pho London

So the other week I entered a giveaway (cause you know, why not?) and to my surprise, I actually won and I couldn't be happier.

If you follow me on instagram, you'll have already seen a photo of the sweatshirt and packaging; Oh wow I was so amazed by the amount of care and dedication that goes into it. Firstly there was the usual plastic packaging, then inside there was the Pho London Box. Upon opening the box there was a layer of tissue paper, followed by the sweatshirt itself being wrapped in more tissue paper, along with lots of Pho. London stickers and this lovely little note!

The amount of work and precision that went into just this small order, was pretty impressive and it was so lovely to receive. I just wanted to say a big thank you to the Pho. London team and to tell you all to go check out their online store because there's some beautiful pieces.

C x
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