LIFE : Amsterdam


Another quick photo diary, typical that most of them are already on my instagram! These are all images from my 'not-so-recent'ish' trip to Amsterdam in Janaury with my University group. I can tell you now that Amsterdam is definitely one of my favourite places, maybe it's because it reminds me of Manchester a little bit? Everything was super chilled out, and it had the friendly, youthful but traditional vibe to and it's really intriguing. I'd love to go back by myself or with a couple of my really close friends to do some more exploring. Especially now I kind of know my way around central, a benefit of having a good memory and sense of direction! But I know I will 100% be going back soon.

C x

LIFE : University


Notebook pages
Sketches and Ideas

Being a fashion / creative student, I constantly have notebooks and sketchbooks on the go. One for each lesson and more to be precise. I just wanted to share a few pages from one of my notebooks that comes pretty much everywhere with me. Whenever an idea pops into my head, I can get it down on paper, therefore not forgetting!

I apologise if this is boring to some of you, but I like being able to look back at my work to see how far I've come over the years. Plus some of these ideas might help me in the future!

C x

OUTFIT : Pink and Navy


Scarf - Topshop (sale)
Coat - Flea Market (similar here)
Longline hoody - H&M 
Dickies Trousers - Vintage Store (Amsterdam)
Old Skool Vans - Cloggs

I thought I'd actually post an outfit photo this year, about time aye?
I was home the other weekend to celebrate my 20th birthday; there was copious amounts of food, visiting family and getting all the cuddles, making it a very successful weekend. 
On the Sunday we decided to have a ride out into town visiting a reclamation yard and one of our favourite stores, Baileys (it's almost like a posh / countryside ikea). It was bloody cold so I wrapped up warm in my new scarf I got in the Topshop sale the other week. 
Also new in, are my dickies trousers that I picked up in a vintage store in Amsterdam. Only €20 too which is a bloody bargain, especially as I've wanted some for ages!. Slightly high waisted, but a casual wide leg at the bottom; perfect for comfy days at uni.

Hope you're all well and I continue with this blogging malarkey!
C x

p.s I dyed my hair pink!

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