NEW IN : Is a spending ban in order?


Crochet Dress - H&M
Orange Tab Levi Skirt - Cow Vintage
DM's (Made in England) - Cow Vintage

Quick post (my speciality it seems)showing you some more recent purchases (I have more but they're difficult to take nice photos of). I really should be put on a spending ban but my excuse is that when I start back at uni, I won't have time to shop as I'll be working so much. Well at least that's what I'm telling myself.

I think everyone and their mums have seen this crochet dress from h&m and if you haven't then where have you been?! Just kidding it's £9.99 and it's a real beauty.
This orange tab levi skirt was a wonderful find at work, there I was prepping the new stock and this appeared. I had to have it. As well as these wonderful DM's!

I picked up more pieces from work and h&m because like I said, I have a problem. No doubt they'll be featured in some kind of outfit post soon!

C x

p.s sorry for the absence the past week or so, I've been so busy with uni work but I only have 2 hand ins left and then blogging will be more regular!

OUTFIT : Flea Market Mondays


Shaggy Jacket - Zara sale
Stripe Roll neck - H&M 
Crop Top - Zara sale (similar 1 / 2 / 3)
Dickies trousers - Amsterdam Vintage store (1 / 2)
Black Bag - Monki Sale

Just a quick post showing you my outfit from the other day when I was back home over Easter. On the monday we drove over to Malvern for their monthly Flea Market event and while I was freezing my tits off, I wanted to get a photo of my outfit (minus the other two coats I was wearing 'cause nobody wants to see those anymore).

I went with something really comfy but cool (?), so I chose my stripe roll neck which is now a firm favourite in my wardrobe, a crop top for layers and my fave fluffy jacket. I was really worried that I wouldn't get much wear out of this as it's not something I'd normally go for. But I can confirm that I've definitely got my monies worth out of it now! This has encouraged me to try more things that I'd normally be scared of because it might turn out that it becomes the best purchase ever!

C x
p.s this bag is also the best, it's become my Mary Poppins bag because I can pack all my belongings in it, all at once...

LIFE : Birmingham - Cow Vintage


A few photos from a recent trip to Birmingham while I was still off from Uni. My dad had to go for work reasons so offered to drop my sister and I into town. We ventured into a few shops and picked up a few things but our favourite shop was definitely Cow (Digbeth and near the Custard Factory if you want to go!).
I work in the Cow vintage, Manchester store part time whilst I'm at uni so it was really nice to see the way it's laid out differently. It's recently all been renovated so everything been newly done out and it looks so much cooler! After chatting to the two awesome girls who were working at the time, they took a photo of Emily and I and added it to their instagram page @cowbirmingham so definitely check it out!

I plan on sharing what I bought in another post so watch this space.
C x

LIFE : A day for me





I think every once in a while, I forget that it's okay to just take a few hours out of the day and spend it on my own. Just doing whatever it is I need to do. Whether it's just sitting watching one of my favourite films, reading a magazine, or having a walk into town.

I'm one of those people that feels guilty if they're not constantly doing work. That's how my course is, there's always something I could be doing. But recently I've learnt that I actually need to take some time out for myself otherwise I'll keep making myself warn out and ill.

These are a few photos I took while I was in town buying fabric whilst soaking up the sun and atmosphere. I was only there a couple hours, but it was really refreshing and meant I returned to my flat with a fresh mind and ready to start working again.

Having a break is okay and every one should remember that!
You gotta do you and look out for yo'self

C x
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