T-shirt : Cow Birmingham (online store here)
Dickies Trousers : Blue Rinse (details here)
Adidas Stan Smiths : Goodhood (here)

This outfit makes me think about how much my style has changed over the past couple of years, and how I'm becoming more accepting and happy with the way I look. If you'd have told me 18 months ago that I wouldn't be wearing skinny jeans anymore, I'd have laughed right in your face. But that's where I am now. I'm a lot more comfortable (and feel cooler) in more relaxed / boy skater styles. I often resemble a teenage boy.

I love instagram and reading blogs about other peoples style and how they wear certain garments; it gives me so much inspiration within my own way of dressing. I recently bought a red bodysuit from H&M after seeing the wonderful Daisy (@flossydaisy) posting it on her instagram. Again I don't think I've ever owned anything red, let only in a bodysuit with frilly sleeves and open back, but it's become a firm favourite in my wardrobe this summer. Wasn't I just saying I tend to dress like a stereotypical teenage boy. 
Before things like that would have annoyed me, that I can't pick one style and stick with it, that I enjoy being able to mix and match to suit me. Now that I have a variety of items, and building a wardrobe that I'm actually happy with, I don't mind mixing styles / trends that I think works for me and my personality. 

As I've got older I've become a lot more open to different styles and outfits; trying things on that I know probably won't suit me, but just giving it a go anyway. I like to take inspiration from other people but make it work for me. I'm a lot happier with my style, now I'm not trying to follow certain trends to the T, or copying someones whole outfit. Inspiration is key, and learning how to make it suit you.

C x

NEW IN : The trainer post


A collective post on a few trainers I've picked up recently ready for the summer weather!


Blue Vans - Depop
These were a slight spur of the moment buy. I've loved Old Skools since forever (so hipster right) but I think they're bloody comfortble and make any outfit, effortlessly cool. So while I was browsing depop and saw a girl selling these for £10, yes you heard right, £10, I had to snap them up. They're very comfortable, although I am getting used to the zip at the back. But they're going to be perfect for summer with some denim shorts and t-shirt!

Reebok 30th Anniversary addition - Depop
Another bargain of an depop find, for just £20 this time! After seeing a girl on instagram post a photo, I knew I needed them in my life, but after seeing that were released on the 30th anniversary, I knew they'd be pretty hard to come by. I kept my hopes up and every now and then, I'd search depop and eBay, and one day there they were. I snapped them up as soon as possible, and I've worn them loads since. Again, they're going to be perfect for summer!

Adidas Stan Smith - Goodhood
These were a major splurge buy, and why I now won't be buying anything for the next few weeks. At £100, they're a very pricey trainer and I thought I'd probably be sending them back. As soon as I put them on my feet, I didn't want to take them off! Imagine Cinderella but with trainers. They're so comfortable and surprisingly easy to work in with the rest of my wardrobe, as I was worried the Pony skin and Dalmatian pattern would make them difficult to wear. I don't have the original Stan Smiths, as I can't seem to work with all white trainers, so these are a perfect alternative for me.

Have any of you guys got any new trainers in that I need to know about? Comment below!
C x

LIFE : Day out in Leeds


The other week, just after my first of three deadlines this term, I decided to go visit my best friend in Leeds. I've know her almost 4 years now and it's crazy to think where the time has gone.

A few days before going to Sophie's we spoke on the phone about getting matching tattoos. We decided on what we wanted but knew it might be a long shot as most places we knew of in Leeds didn't do walk ins, so thought we might have to book it for another time. But after some research we saw that Cobra Club did offer walk ins, if their were artists available. So we messaged them and they got back to us within 5 minutes (very quick!) then about 20 minutes later our tattoo was booked for the following day!

I have a couple of tattoos already so I was already expectant on the pain, but as it got to the inner of my thigh it did hurt quite a bit! The rest of the day we spent just having a wonder round town and eating lovely food. If anyone has any recommendations for places to visit in Leeds the definitely comment below as we'd love to check them out!

C x

OUTFIT : Wild Things


Denim Jacket - Sisters (Charity Shop)
Wild Things - Cow Vintage
Trousers - Topshop
Old Skool Vans

So this outfit nicely represents how I like to mix vintage / thrifted finds with high street buys. Last year this would have been one of my go to outfits over spring / summer so I'm excited that it's starting to come back.

A pair of plain cigarette trousers, although this summer I will be mixing up with patterns and different silhouettes, asI've expanded my wardrobe and style a bit more. But a vintage tee, denim jacket and trainers will always equal one easy, cool summer outfit.

I wanna see what you're wearing recently, so comment below!
C x
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