OUTFIT : The Sass Pants


Denim Jacket : Charity Shop (similar 1 / 2 / 3)
T-shirt : Carhartt 
Trousers : Depop (originally Topshop - similar 1 / 2 / 3)
Adidas Stan Smiths - Goodhood

Left patches - Sprucegoose 1 / 2
Right patch - Etsy 

This outfit is from a couple of weeks ago (bank holiday in fact) when I went to a Flea Market with my family. It's something we do every month and this time I was actually home, so was very excited to be able to go! My parents normally go to pick up bits for the house, whereas my sister and I normally go to pick up some vintage clothing pieces and we actually did very well!

Anyway, my outfit, as it was quite a warm day but not very sunny, I wanted to give my pink trousers a whirl which were a recent depop purchase. They're slightly cropped which I think works during the summer and they have a cute little belt that ties into a bow around the waist. To keep the outfit casual and again 'more me' I added a carhartt t-shirt, denim jacket and trainers.

I've had this denim jacket a couple of years now and it's still going strong. I've updated it a little now with the use of embroidered patches that I've recently been collecting and I really like how it looks! Let me know if you guys have any and where you got them from! 

C x

OUTFIT : Summer (was) here


Denim Jacket : Cow Manchester (online store)
Playsuit : Zara
Adidas Stan Smiths : Goodhood

Another outfit post today, and this comes in the form of a very summery ootd! A few weeks ago when Manchester had a few days of glorious sun, I wanted to make sure I got to wear one of the newest additions in my wardrobe; this beautiful playsuit. Yes a playsuit, I was shocked too, which makes me love it even more; meaning I can enjoy myself and not have the worry of my bum being on show!

Zara is completely on point at the moment with their summer collection, everything is so classic with a contemporary edge and it's just so damn cool! I'm sure you've all this dress / playsuit many times, with it being available in this gorgeous baby blue and crisp white, it's a perfect addition to your wardrobe.

To keep the outfit 'me' (I find it difficult to wear dresses and skirts without feeling 'over-dressed') I decided to pair it with a denim jacket and my new stan smiths. I chose my black denim jacket, just to keep it that bit cooler and 'edgier', as I thought a typical blue denim would wash the outfit out too much. It also brought the whole outfit together with the black spots on my trainers which are in fact a dalmatian print!

I have a busy few weeks coming up but I do have more outfit posts on their way!
C x

LIFE : Eventbrite FOMO


New Years Eve!

Hi guys, today's post is about a website I recently came across called Eventbrite, which allows you find and plan events (which if you ask me is fancier than Facebook party invitations). They are encouraging people to get out more this summer so I decided to write a post about FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and why we should all definitely GOMO (Get Out More Often). If you want GOMO this summer then I'd recommend checking out the events near you, or you can even plan your own event here!

Image : Instagram (@chloxlla_)

First on my list is definitely visiting London more. I went last week for an interview to hopefully be taken on as an intern so visiting more over the summer would be perfect if I do end up living there for the next 12 months. My idea is to visit a couple of times with my favourite people, this includes my best friend Sophie (@sophiect_), my sister Emily (@emily_fearne), and my boy Ryan (@rymules). As I could be potentially moving to London for my placement year, I think visiting more before would be very beneficial to me. Getting used to my surroundings, plus London is one of my favourite cities and being able to jump on a train to visit is brilliant! On the list of things to do is definitely walking down Carnaby Street, then having some lunch in Covent Gardens, then visiting all the amazing museums. I sound like a real tourist!

Image from Pinterest

Next on the list is Barcelona! I've only ever been out of the UK 5 times in the whole 20 years of my life and I want to change that. Earlier this year I went on a trip to Amsterdam as part of my University course and it's definitely given me the travelling bug. Now I don't think I'm the type that wants to spend weeks on end travelling Europe, or going to 'Girls on tour' holidays either (IF THIS IS YOUR THING THEN TOTALLY GO FOR IT SISTAH, it's just not for me). I think I'd prefer to save up and go out to different countries through-out the year and spend my time, appreciating the culture and become a real tourist. Barcelona is a place I've dreamt of visiting for years, and as soon as I know what I'm doing come September, I hope I can book a trip there (and maybe more).

Image from Pinterest

Another thing you might know if you follow me on social media is that me and my best friend, Sophie, love going on road trips. Now we don't get to go very often as we both have Uni and both have part time jobs. So getting time off together can prove difficult sometimes. As summer is coming up and the last term on uni is coming to an end, we've planned a few places we'd like to visit. One being York. As we're both based up North anyway, taking a trip to York would be quite easy, but also very fun.
I've visited before years ago on family holidays and I have nothing but lovely memories of York and it's cuteness, so being able to go back with my best friend will be very enjoyable!

Image from google

Last on my list (for this blog post anyway!)is to go to a festival this summer. Now I went to one a couple of years ago and found that it really wasn't right for me at the time; after Ryan non stops talks about Reading, I feel that it would be vey fun to go and would be another thing ticked off my list for trying new things! Whilst I'm not one for camping, Ryan has assured me that I will have an amazing time because he has become quite the festival pro himself and knows what he is doing. I'm excited to enjoy good music and beer with lovely friends, whilst having an all round fun time!

Now I've rambled on about what I'd like to do with my summer, with lots of adventures planned involving lots of wonderful food, drinks and music, I want to hear what you guys are going to get up to! So comment below and it might sparks some more ideas on what to do with my spare time! 

C x 

NEW IN : I couldn't not


Margaret Howell tote - here

So this is just a super short post to show of my Margaret Howell tote that I picked up from the Wigmore Street store. I've wanted to order one online for ages but didn't want to pay £10 (I know, don't get me started) so I decided to wait it out. After visiting London yesterday I knew I needed to pick it up! With it coming in black, white and navy, I opted for the navy and I'm so happy I did. There's something very pleasing to me about all black outfits with a navy bag, or it will be easily paired with blue jeans and a white tee for summer!

C x
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