LIFE : Day in Hay (on Wye)


Last week my sister and I decided to go on a day trip to Hay-on-Wye. About an hours drive away we didn't want to waste another sunny day at home, so we went out to enjoy the sunshine. It's known as the town of books and the name is very fitting. It's filled with cute little bookshops, vintage and antique stores, followed with plenty of adorable cafes and coffee shops! If you're looking for a day out to explore a new town then I'd definitely recommend visiting; the photos will show you more!


OUTFIT : Patagonia and Flowers


Patagonia top - Cow Vintage (similar)
Trousers - Topshop
Bag - DIY (Urban Club)

Just a quick outfit post today! There's not a great deal to talk about with this outfit as it's a pretty simple and a go to for me. An oversized tee, in the form of this Patagonia long sleeve that I picked up from Cow while I still worked there. There's a cool pattern on the back but I didn't like any of the photos we took of it (typical). I paired with black trousers to add a little bit more structure and the old skools are a must during the warmer months. 

This post also features a new addition to my hand made tote collection. After lusting over a similar bag in Carhartt but not wanting to spend any money (I must have been having an off moment) I spotted this cool camo print denim in Manchester. It was super cheap so that evening instead of packing my room to move home, I decided to make myself a bag instead(I procrastinate quite productively). There was enough material to make my boyfriend one too, and as the saying goes 'Couples who dress together, stay together' Am I right? 

C x

p.s Peonies are the sweetest, if you'd like to send me flowers then please do.

WISHLIST : Let me win the lottery


As I haven't done a wishlist in bloody ages I went full force. The past week or so, I've had a slight wardrobe meltdown and felt completely uninspired by it all. I think I need a few more 'basic' pieces with slight twists, that can be mixed and matched with my existing wardrobe. Click on the names for links if you don't want to hear me talking about why I need each item!

1. Vivienne Westwood Roman Three Straps - I've wanted these shoes for quite a while, well probably after seeing Alexa Chung wearing them (of course). Then after my boyfriend got a job in the Cardiff store a couple of months ago, I've wanted them even more.

2. Step Hem Jamie Jeans - For years I was so used to black skinny jeans, they became a kind of uniform for me, over the past 8-12 months or so, I've slowly developed a love for looser fitting bottoms. After watching Sunbeamjess' vlogs recently and seeing her wear similar jeans and a mustard jacket, I fell in love. I think they'd become a good staple for me (maybe even with the cute viv shoes!)

3. Monki Zip Pocket - This is a random pick but after window shopping on the Monki 'new in' I saw it and felt that I needed it in my life. The fun illustrations and clear case has found a place in my heart and looks like something an art tumblr kid would have.

4. White A-Line Denim Skirt - I have the infamous black button up a-line and it's become a firm favourite in my wardrobe. After trying on the white version recently, I decided that it would be a good switch up, my only doubt is that I've never worn white bottoms before so I'm not too sure on styling them! 

5. Oversized Sweatshirt Dress -  My sister actually owns this dress, I was actually with her when she bought it and the jealousy is real. It's simple, relaxed and black, there's not a lot that could go wrong here. Perfect for all year round; worn on it's own or jeans / trousers in colder months. 

6. Unif Heart Tee - This is another Sunbeamjess inspired want, again after watching one of her recent unif hauls, I've fallen in love with the brand. Some items I really don't like but others are a 'I NEED THIS' kinda vibe. If only it wasn't so expensive for my student budget, not to mention custom charges *crying emoji*

7. Stripe Linen Blend Tee - I think this is where I should confess that most items I want are inspired by youtubers / bloggers / people of instagram. This one in particular is inspired by Brittany Bathgate; its simple, lightweight and striped; what more could you want?

8. Clarks Originals Wallabee - They're classic and comfy, all black and would go with anything. There's a slight cohesiveness with all these items on this wishlist, right?

9. Nilla Monki Dress - After the opening of the &Other Stories in Manchester a few weeks back, I tried on this white t-shirt dress that was made of an amazing jersey cotton but silly me thought I wouldn't wear it. Yet I'm sat here still thinking about it unable to find it on the website. But Monki has come to my saviour in the form of this cream dress with slight frill sleeves!

10. Labour and Wait Cotton String Bag - Back at it again with the inspired wishlist! Brittany Bathgate is a big inspiration for me with mixing workwear styles with day to day basics. This string bag would bit a nice twist to a normal tote bag I'd use, although I may attempt to teach myself how to knit one. 

11. Unif Brat Platform - I think I've saved the best till last, well in my mind anyway. 100% Bratz shoes and that's what makes me want them so much more. Chunky, ugly school style boots and I need them in my life.

Thank you if you've read all that, I think wishlist are one of my fave posts! 
C x

LIFE : Victoria Miro


Just some photos I wanted to share from my most recent trip to London, which was actually a couple of weeks ago now. After my trial shift, at Margaret Howell I stayed at my friends; the following day we wondered round Shoreditch, Brick Lane and Soho. We did take a trip to the Victoria Miro Gallery to see the Yayoi Kusama and I'm so glad I was able to see it! Whenever I go to London, it tends to be for shopping as I don't go very often, but it made such a lovely change to be able to wonder round and visit galleries! 

I'm slowly getting less scared and more excited about moving to and living in London for the next 12 months!

C x

OUTFIT : On Wednesdays We Wear Pink


Dungarees - Cow Manchester
T-shirt - Carboot
CDG Converse - END Clothing

So this outfit turned out to be pretty much all 'thrifted' bar the trainers so I apologise for that but I'm also feeling super sassy about it!
I think I need to firstly address the pink dungarees. They are by far the weirdest and most bold item of clothing I've ever owned but they make me incredibly happy. I managed to pick them up at work and I'm so bloody glad I took the risk.
They're slightly too long but I'm able to roll them up no problem; a bonus that they're the perfect slouchy fit.

For this outfit I just decided to wear a t-shirt I'd picked up from a recent flea market / carboot for just £1. It actually has an NYPD embroidered logo on the breast area but you can't see that unfortunately (I have a serious obsession with crime programmes). I think the colours work well together and converse just seemed like a sensible option to pull the outfit together!

This outfit isn't going to be to everyones taste I think 'fashion' is about having some fun and taking some risks sometimes. I think is outfit definitely fits in that category!

C x


LIFE : June Update


Hey everyone! 

So I thought I'd do a small June update for you all because I quite like reading them myself. June has been a weird month for me and it seems to have gone by really quickly, making it become one big blur but there have been a few moments to remember!
(&Other Stories Opening Event)

The start of June saw my best friend Sophie turn the grand old age of 20 (it's not old, I just like to annoy her). A group of us reunited for a weekend of food, booze and dancing in Cardiff. It has a special connection for some of us, due to us spending our first year of uni there, so it was really nice to be back with the girls (minus a few who were on holiday!).

(Tower Bridge - London)

Now for the big news. As I'm sure most of you will know with my hammering on about it on most social media platforms I have, I've been applying for a placement / internship as part of my uni course. Since the end of 2015 I've been handing out CV's, cover letters; sending off portfolio applications and much more. A couple of months ago I found it really difficult to carry on with applying as I kept getting so many knock backs and it was really getting to. I also had the last of my uni modules to deal with too, so as you can imagine it was a stressful time. 
After having lots of encouragement from family and friends, I persisted and I'm proud to say it's paid off. I am officially the latest design intern at Margaret Howell, where I'll be working with the team, starting the end of August / start of September.

I guess this is where I can say, hand on heart, that things really do happen for a reason. All the shit we may go through, and all the times we just want to give up because there's always someone better, just know that your time will come. We are all on different journeys, and we are all in different positions. Everything will work out the way it's meant to be!

C x

(p.s I think I may do more of these updates!)
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