Outfit : Shearling and Stripes


Dr Martens

Today outfit post is a very casual and very comfy one because that's what winter dressing is all about. As much as I would love to be a girl who can wake up in a morning and make really amazing outfit choices, I'm not. I wake up and all I can think is how I can resemble the cosiness of my bed into that of an outfit. I think I'm close to mastering it.

This shearling jacket has been a welcome addition to my coat-drobe (can I even call that a thing?). I'm very fussy when it comes to coats and jackets, then as soon as the colder months roll around, I feel like I don't own any! This jacket isn't as thick as I would like (again I'm very fussy) but it does mean I'm still able to layer to my hearts content without looking too bulky. Plus it has silver hardware and makes me feel like a badass, so it's a winner in my eyes.

Everything else about the outfit is pretty basic but sometimes that's all a girl needs. A striped jumper, some skinny jeans and cosy biker jacket and she's good to go.

C x


The 'if I was rich' wishlist


With Christmas only weeks away and my parents asking for my list for Santa (full on festive I know) I thought I'd put together a wishlist of things I'd love to get my hands on if I was, well, rolling in it.

Firstly the Naga Skull Ring would be a wonderful addition to jazz up my fingers and sit nicely against my other rings. I don't own anything from The Great Frog yet but I need one of everything please.

After seeing Brittany Bathgate with this bag, I knew I needed it in my life. I'm not one for bags (personally more of a shoe gal) but I the cost per wear on these items become ridiculous really. It's the perfect shape, you're able to carry all the essentials whilst still looking super stylish.

Last but by no means least, the Hunk Jumper. Last season we saw the grey version with multiple mascots dawning the front, whilst this season we're being introduced to more and more characters. Made from Merino wool this would be one incredible soft jumper that I would wear until it was on it's last threads. If you're signed up to their mailing list they've sent out a secret sale code!

Wishlists are my fave this time of year so I'd love to see what everyone else is lusting after!
C x

Holidays are coming : Boohoo edit


The Holidays are most definitely coming and there is nothing you can do to stop it!

Boohoo surprised me with the most wonderful Christmas package and it made me feel all festive and wonderful. If you didn't already know (as if I don't bang on about it enough) I'm a Student Ambassador for Boohoo hence the lovely gift below.

Inside the parcel was a Maltesers Advent Calendar which I'm currently debating eating all the chocolate at once, your standard sassy christmas card and some other goodies. Including a 'Santa on Fleek' jumper which you can find here, as well as a matching choker set which you can also find here.

My fave part is the personalised tree decoration that I will be hanging in my room, all year round, because why the hell not?! There was also a gorgeous highlighter and I'm so excited to use it, plus it's the time for glitter, sequins and tinsel so the more the merrier (excuse the pun).

After receiving this package, it's made me feel very festive and I'm definitely feeling the holiday spirit. I just want to go to cuddle up in bed with my santa jumper on with a big mug of hot chocolate and watch Elf... can I get anymore cliche if I tried?!

C x
p.s I'd love to read more christmassy blog posts so comment below!


Vintage Levis


501's - Vintage
Velvet Bomber - Boohoo

I'm here to share this amazing t-shirt I picked up from the Levi store on Carnaby Street the last weekend whilst shopping for Christmas presents...guilty.
The tees are super soft but as ever with the brand, I'm sure it'll only get better with age. Like wise with their other items, it's still heavily influenced by their vintage archives which I'm forever in love with. Being something I can wear to work and casual is perfect, making it a staple in my wardrobe.

Onto the jacket and it's one hell of a jacket. Velvet, tick. Quilted, tick. Bomber, tick. Warm and cosy, tick. I'm so bloody happy to have this in my possession because it makes me feel so sassy. It's the deepest blue colour which in my opinion is fabulous for all year round and it'll work wonderfully with the rest of my wardrobe (which I'm currently having a mild meltdown over). You're definitely going to see it on here a lot.

C x

Outfit : Faux Fur


(Moon face emoji or what?!)
Faux Fur Coat - Vintage
Stripe pink tee - Charity Shop
Skinny Jeans - Boohoo
Reeboks - Depop
Bag - Eastpack

Just a quick outfit post from the other weekend when I had one of the most Sunday'ish Sundays. There's lots of pink going on which I'm obviously not complaining about and with a faux fur coat chucked over an otherwise plain outfit, I think it adds an autumnal feel to it all. I hate to admit it, but I really like this outfit for how quickly it got thrown on; go me.

C x

Life : visual update


Visual update on the past few weeks of my life.
There isn't a great deal I need to say in regards to these photos, it's just nice to see that I do interesting stuff other than work all week!

Dover Street Market
Not complete without dreaming about Molly Goddard dresses

The need for this vintage camo work jacket is real and lots of wonderful plants

New in : Bralet (similar 1 / 2 / 3 ); Orange Beanie ; Shrimps Jumpsuit - all Topshop
Outfit : Harley tee and Boohoo trousers
Magazine Collection and new plant
Burgers at Birthdays, Dalston
Shrimps Jumpsuit
Archive by Alexa - launch event at the Marble Arch store
Dying inside because I actually met Alexa Chung in the flesh!!!!!!!

Outfit : Yellow, Pink and Grey


Scarf - Zara 
Tee- Carhartt
Skirt - Beyond Retro (similar)
Jacket - Cow 
T-Bars - Dr Martens

Another outfit post taken by my wonderful boyfriend, Ryan. I mean, he's got a new camera and he came to London for the weekend, what else were we gonna do?!

This outfit actually turned out a lot nicer than I first thought. You know when you have an idea in your head but as soon as you try it on, you look / feel like a potato? Well that's what I thought was going to happen here, so you can imagine my delight when I looked in the mirror and thought 'damn girl, this is so you'. 

I bought this skirt from Beyond Retro a couple weeks back as an alternative for work but knew I wanted to work it into a casual look too. Adding a pink Carhartt tee, mixing in some yellows, creams and a black leather jacket it all sounds like too much but I'm so happy with how it turned out and most importantly, how good I felt in it.

Here's to outfits that make you feel like you can conquer anything.

C x

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