4 days in Berlin


If you follow me on instagram then you'll know that 2 weeks ago I went to Berlin with my family. It was a present from my wonderful parents as my sister turned 18 and I turned 21, so quite big and significant birthdays!
I love seeing blog posts on places people have visited as it gives me so much inspiration but I'm so awful at writing about places / my travels so I thought I would just collate a load of images I took on my 35mm film camera and share it that way. It was my first time using the camera so I'm still learning and getting to grips with it (even if it is just a point and shoot) but it's something I want to work on and get better at! 

I also shared a fair few photos on instagram so check those out too if you haven't already (shameless self promo).

Also I apologise now if you can't read my writing, my best friend can't so you wouldn't be the first!

If you want anymore information then give me an email (address is to the right) or send me a message on instagram or twitter!

C x


Spots and Stripes


Here I am with a quick post featuring the most amazing dungarees that I bought way back in January and have only just got round to posting.
Dungarees : Beyond Retro
Jumper : New Look
CDG Converse : Dover Street Market

I've always had a full 'head over heels' love for dungarees but have never found the right ones; they're either too big, too small, not the right wash and so on and so forth (I'm a very fussy shopper believe it or not). After heading to Beyond Retro which conveniently is only down the road from my flat, I found these beauties. To say I stood in the changing rooms really debating whether I should actually buy them sounds really stupid as I can't wait to wear them all the time once the weather warms up.
Of course I'm gonna have to give a special shoutout to these CDG x Converse. I bought these the day they were released as an early birthday present to myself so they're totally justified. Plus they're converse so they already go with everything in my wardrobe, ever.

I'm totally feeling the whole spots and stripes together. The start of a pattern clash love affair?
C x

Pinterest inspirstion


I miss being creative at uni and although collaging isn't my forty, I love putting a collection of photos together to creative a mood and emotion.
This one is a start towards my final year collection ideas. It's a long while away and there's time for my thoughts to change but for the moment this is where my inspirations lie.

Mixing soft, feminine fabrics and silhouettes with masculine, classic tailoring. The WW2 is a huge inspiration with it's function over form characteristics and highly practical pockets, fastenings and fabric choices.
Mixing this with modern pieces and ideas makes for an innovative collection.
C x 

Outfit : Witchy Florals


Floral Maxi Dress : Boohoo
Boots : Boohoo
What better way to kick off this new spring weather than with another Boohoo post feat some major 'coachella' festival vibes. 2017 is yet another year where I (probably) won't go to any festivals but I that doesn't mean I can't get in on the styles that will be everywhere this summer.

The lace up detail on the chest adds a modern touch to an otherwise vintage inspired piece. Being someone who loves vintage clothing, it's interesting to see how 70's pieces still inspire high street styles today. The cinched in waist, delicate floral pattern and slit on the thigh adds to the modernity of the dress.

I can't wait to wear this with converse in the summer and with tights, dr martens and a huge chunky jumper in the winter.

C x

Disposables life update


This is just going to be one fairly big image gallery to sum up what I've been doing and taking photos of on my disposable over January /  mid February (minus working fashion week which I wish I'd documented but somehow I don't think my boss would be too impressed).

C x
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